Olivier Le Goaër

Computer Scientist & Educational Public Servant

Former member of the AeLoS research team at the LINA CNRS laboratory, I am now Associate Professor at the University of Pau and member of the Computer Science Lab. I work in the Software Engineering field and my researchs deal with Evolution (Design-time) ⁄ Adaptation (Run-time) issues, mainly driven by meta-modeling techniques. I also closely monitor mobile & web technological developments empowering the IoT revolution.

Phd. Supervisions

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Recent Results

For an up to date version of my (most significant) publication list you can consult: My DBLP entry


My teaching material is partially available : click here (hosted both by developpez.com and slideshare.net)

I sporadically carry out interventions in other organizations: Univ. Paris (Android), GRETA Pau (Android), Univ. Montpellier (Xtext). My steady interventions are listed below:

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